Biology Students Perform Real Action in Commemoration of the National Waste Day

JAKARTA (UNAS) – In order to celebrate the national garbage matter which falls on Tuesday (21/2) Biology Student Association in cooperation with the National University BScC Indonesia, Node Indonesia, the Center for Environmental Studies and Nature Conservation UNAS Faculty of Biology, School of Graduate Studies Masters in Biology UNAS, Primate Research Center UNAS, Biological Bird Club “Ardea”, “Javan” Study Forum Primates, Marine Conservation Club (MCC), Study Group Sea Turtle (KSPL) “Chelonia” Study Group Aquatic Ecology Faculty of Biology UNAS and Biodiversity Warriors implement concrete action in the form of waste collection National University campus environment.

One of the coordinators of the action which is still listed as a student Graduate School Master of Biology National University and also as Chairman of the Indonesian BScC. Ahmad Baihaqi or familiarly called Abay is said that this activity was triggered over concerns are going to shape the final disposal (landfill) are so bad that very disturbing nature of the surrounding environment even according to data on February 21, 2005, there was an avalanche of landfill Leuwigajah West Java resulted in hundreds of deaths and led to two indigenous villages disappeared from the map. So to commemorate the tragedy, the Indonesian government set February 21 as the Day of National Waste Concern (HPSN).

So to answer the challenge of the state of waste that also threaten wildlife and ecosystems. A total of 218 delegates and activists driving waste out of 22 provinces in Indonesia gathered in Solo in September 2016, declaring “Trash Free Indonesia 2020”. There are at least 13 major issues of waste in Indonesia, which became a focus for us to be together – together find solutions for the problems of the environment. Thirteen major issues of waste in Indonesia is through formal education non-formal, solution trash on the ground or space undue, minimizing wastage, the solution of organic waste, sustainability strategies, appropriate technology, movements and activities in public spaces, law enforcement, leadership & institutional, solutions in areas with limited access, remote, outermost, inorganic waste solutions, financing strategy and the place of final processing (TPA).

Encountered when the activities of the Universitas Nasional Tri Rahmaeti action, as Chairman of the Biology Student Association, National University said the reason for this action. “This action was carried out so that the whole community at the National University campus environment particularly concerned with the issue of waste can collaborate and take part in the move to Indonesia # BebasSampah2020,” he said.