Communication Weeks, Students of Communication Sciences UNAS Ready to Compete in the Age of MEA

JAKARTA (UNAS) – Entering the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the young generation is expected to increase their knowledge and skills to be competitive in the international arena. Students of communication science are expected to have competencies that can compete with other graduates. In order to broaden and improve the competence, Communication Studies Student Association (HIMAKOM) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the National University (Social UNAS) held Weeks Communication (Comm-weeks).

Inaugural event will take place 2 weeks theme “The Role, Prospective and Challenges of Communication in the Age of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)”. The series of activities including national seminars, exhibitions and competitions of photography, radio broadcasting training for high school / vocational training for radio and television broadcasting as well as the students of Communication Studies and community service.

” Science Communication should guarantee a better future for those who pursue and cultivate the field. Therefore, through various activities in communication weeks is expected to be little to contribute to the improvement of skills and poor quality of academic students, especially students Prodi Communications, so the future by continuing equipped with a variety of skills, they have the competence and capacity that qualified to compete with others in the world of work, ” said Chairman of Social Communication Studies UNAS, YayuSriwartini.

Additionally, Commweeks aims to maximize the students’ ability to organize and encourage a concern to the community, to share knowledge and knowledge and contribute to building the community through outreach activities, training and workshops, and is expected to become an icon of Social Communication Studies Prodi UNAS future.

Acting Chairman HIMAKOM, Yesika MEA era spur Dinta said he and his friends to continue to improve, especially in the field of communication today learned. This activity sharpen its talent and soft skills and contribute to apply theory learned at college into the real world. ” We are also inviting other universities to participate in this activity. Among others in the photography competition which was also attended by students from outside the University of National and invite high school / vocational training for radio and media literacy, ” he said.

Activities will be opened with the National Seminar which brings various speakers such as Dr. HeriBudianto, M.Si (Chairman of the Association of Higher Education Communication Studies KorwilJabodetabek), AditaIrawati (Vice President Corporate Communications of PT Telkomsel, ArfiBambani (Managing Editor and Hariqo Authority (Executive Director & Founder Komunikonten ASEAN Community Care ) as well as the keynote speaker Director of Information and Public Communication, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ir. DjokoAgungHarijadi. Various agencies also support these activities, among others, PT Telkomsel,, Republika newspaper, Koran Sindo, and the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Indonesia.

In the comm-weeks event is also interspersed with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with several agencies, including the Association of Higher Education Communication Studies (ASPIKOM) KorwilJabodetabek, and Indonesian Journalists Alliance (AJI).

” This MoU is very important not only to increase the performance of study programs but also to the advancement and improvement of academic quality of students. In the future this MoU will continue to be knitted with the various parties that are relevant to the fields of Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, ” firmly Yayu.