To Support The Government Program Unas Raids Drugs Together With Police and National Narcotics Agency

JAKARTA (UNAS) –  Universitas Nasional  once again proves its commitment to eradicate narcotics. This is done by inviting National Narcotics Agency ( BNN) and the police to conduct drug raids together in the campus of the Universitas Nasional in Pejaten Pasar Minggu area on Thursday (17/11). This  operation involved about fifty  people from BNN element of South Jakarta with Pasar Minggu Police Officer.

This drug prevention operation lasted two hours starting at 13:00 to 15:00 pm. The teams are divided into three teams, by checking the whole area of Unas. This operation also involving two K-9 dogs. Officers also closed the entrance and exit access by checking of vehicles and luggage of students and employees who will be out.

Head of Prevention and Community Empowerment BNN of Jakarta, Sapari Partodiharjo appreciate the  Unas Inisiative  to carry out joint operations to prevent the spread of this drug. According to him, UNAS helped the government program, a program P4GN namely Prevention, Eradication, Abuse, Drug Circulation.

” The results of today’s raid was not found indications of drugs in Unas. We greatly appreciate Unas steps  together with BNN and other relevant parties to prevent the circulation of narcotics on campus UNAS, ” said Sapari, They came at  Unas because their request by preventing of drugs addict.

This Operation also appreciated by the chief police Commissioner of pasar minggu, Holden Sirait. According to him, this event showed  the Unas  commitment to relieve narcotics on campus and give a message for drugs sellers  or  drugs users not to  mess in Unas. ” This is good, for a shock therapy for  anyone who wants to experiment with drugs. Unas also give confidence, safety and comfortable  for student’s parents by studying in Unas.. This step needs to be emulated by other institutions, ” firmly Holden.

Met on the same occasion,Vice Chancellor for  Unas Student Affairs , said Zainul Djumadin drug raid this activity is a routine agenda carried out by  Unas as a commitment and responsibility to our  parents  students who entrust their children to Universitas Nasional.
” This event is a routine agenda that has become Unas’s commitment to save the nation from the dangers of narcotics. This is already the sixth time UNAS conduct regular raids aimed at preventing the circulation of drugs and alcohol. From the results BNN declared that UNAS clean from drugs, ” said Zainul.

While Chairman of the Normalization of Campus Life, Surajiman added that the joint drug operation is an implementation of the cooperation that has been established by Universitas Nasional with BNN and the Police in 2014. He asserted that this activity will continued gradually for the next time.