The Lecturers of Biology Faculty Universitas Nasional Introduced Phytochemicals to High School Students

Jakarta (UNAS) –  The Lecturers  of Biology  Faculty Unas  (FABIONA) conduct training on phytochemical screening event on Saturday (19/11). This training was held for faculty activities in order to serve the society.  Other than that this activity is done for high school students about  how and the determination of alkaloids, tannins and saponins in plants, as well as promotional of FABIONA.

The committee at this event consists of a chemistry lecturer, Ikna Suyatna Jalip, lecturer  of plant, Ikhsan Matondang, and lecturer  of animal nutrition, Ida Wiryanti. Also attended by the Head of Biological Studies Program, Sri Endarti, helped  by some students of the biology faculty from the 3rd to 5th semester.

There are twenty eight  students who attend this event they are from three  different high school  which are SMA  Suluh , Sumbangsih , and Garuda Cendikia, that came for free.  Students who attend this course will get a certificate and souvenir.We only invited three high school that each school was represented by nine students.

This activity begins with the provision of material about medicinal plants, followed by the provision of analytical techniques, and accompanied by the lecturers the students  performed practical phytochemical screening. Uniquely, each group practicum is a combination of three high school that students were invited, so they will get to know students from other high schools  they can share about their  knowledge and ability.

One of high school student from Garuda Cendikia, Afif  said that he was happy by following phytochemical screening, because he hasn’t been doing lab work like this before. So it was a new experience and knowledge that he get from this event.  He added that Unas laboratory has a complete tools, so it can support for hazardous chemical substances that wasn’t  found in our laboratory.

Phytochemical screening an early stage to identify the chemical constituents contained in the plant. Compounds identified consist of alkaloid is an organic compound nitrogenous and alkaline, generally derived from plants, tannins which are a group of compounds vegetable acidic, aromatic, and provide a sense of rough, and saponins which are compounds glycoside plant consisting of two groups of compounds that triterpenoids and steroids.