Ministry of Research and Technology Optimistic if Indonesian Research Can Lead in Southeast Asia.

JAKARTA (UNAS) –  In order to Increase Research and International Publication  the government through the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. Directorate General for Strengthening Research and Development re – organized exhibition by theme “Strengthening Research in Universities and Litbang Institute to Enhance National Competitiveness”  this Event was  held on Tuesday (6/12) at the Millennium Hotel in Jakarta was attended by the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, Muhammad Nasir.

There are several  category  in this exhibition which followed by several universities and research institute they are :  food self- Sufficiency, Drug Development and Health Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Advanced Materials and Disaster Management.  In this event  Universitas Nasional show their excellent research product which focus on  food self-sufficiency and Information and Communication Technology. There are seven research and development that were showed in this event : The results of studies mushrooms, honey, plant pachira, meatballs of banana, alternative food, conservation and information and communication technology.Muhammad Nasir optimistic about the potential of Human Resources (SDM) in Indonesia which come from academics and practitioners are able to become a leader in Southeast Asia in terms of Research and International Publication.

“By Publishing the Ministerial Regulation Number  106 2016 he expected that Indonesian’s Professor and Associate Professor are required to conduct international publications anually  . If it can be done well, he said that it was not impossible with the number of professors as many as 6000 people and as many as 31000 people of Associate Professor, Indonesia can be the leader  in terms of research and publications International, “said Muhammad Nasir

Nasir also added that the Government of Indonesia in this case  through The Ministry of  Research, Technology and Higher Education ( Kemenristekdikti) has issued  a budget of 1.7 trillion Rupiah  for helping  the development of  research and observation in several areas. He Expected in 2017 the rules about the Rector selection, The obligation for making international publications, and making the prototype in grade nine has implemented.