University Management

Bureau of Human Resources Administration

Rector Dr. El Amry Bermawi Putera, M.A
Vice Rector of Academic, Student and Alumni Affair
Dr. Suryono Efendi, S.E., M.B.A., M.M.
Vice Rector of Public Administration, Finance and Human Resources Prof. Dr. Eko Sugiyanto, M.Si
Vice Rector of Research and Community Dedicated Prof. Dr. Ernawati Sinaga, M.S., Apt.
Rectorate Secretary Yusuf Wibisono, S.I.P., M.Si.
Management Advisory of UNAS Prof. Dr. Umar Basalim, DES
Board of Information System  
Head Winarsih, S.Si, MMSI.
Head of Systems and Networks Departement Ferdi Anwar, Amd
Head of Software Departement Yudhi Septianto, S.Kom
Head of Internal and External Service Departement Sutikman, S.T., M.Kom.
Head of Research and Development for Cyber ​​University  
Board of Quality Assurance  
Head Dr. Erna Ermawati Chotim, M.Si.
Head of Planning, Development and Monitoring and Evaluation Division Dr. Zumratul Meini, S.E., M.S.E., M.S.Ak
Head of Evaluation of Achievement and Development of Quality Standards Muhani, S.E., M.Si.M
Head of Data Collection and Processing Center Arie Gunawan, S.Kom., M.M.S.I.
Head of SPMI and SPME Implementation Field  Ir. Endah Tri Esti Handayani, MMSI
Board of Curriculum Development  
Board of Profesional Development  
Head Dr. H. Adjat Daradjat, M.Si.
Secretary Aberar Guridno, M.A.P.
Board of Counseling  
Head Syazka Kirani Narindra, M.Psi., Psikolog
Marketing Public Relations  
Manager Marsudi, S.P.
Head of Public Relations Division
Head of the Marketing Division Adi Agus Purnomo, S.Sn
Head of Services and Information for New Student Admissions Nur Wahidin, S.Kep., M.M
Technical Implementation Unit Entrepreneurial Self  
Head Drs. Suadi Sapta Putra, M.Si.M.
Office of International Cooperation  
Directur J. Sugarjito, Ph.D
Head of the Division of NationalCooperation
Head of the Division of International Cooperation Dra. M.A. Inez Sapteno
Institute for Research and Community Service  
Chairman Dr. Nonon Saribanon, M.Si
Deputy for Political and Social Sciences Dr. Firdaus Syam, M.A.
Deputy Science and Technology Dr. Drs. Tatang Mitra Setia, M.Si.
Head of Studies Center  
Islamic Studies Center Dr. Drs. Fachruddin Majeri Mangunjaya, M.Si
Deputy Chairman of the Islamic Studies Center Hendra Maujana Saragih, S.I.P., M.Si
Legal Assistance Studies Center Drs. Tb. M.Ali Asghar, S.H., M.M, M.Si
Secretary of the Legal Assistance Studies Center Zulfikar Fahlevi, S.H., M.H.
Study Center for Community Empowerment Ir. Etty Hestiati, M.Si
Betawi Studies Center Iskandarsyah, S.S., M.Hum.
Center for the Study and the National University Language Services Drs. Faldy Rasyidie, M.Sas.
Secretary of the Center for the Study and the National University Language Services Iskandarsyah, S.S., M.Hum.
Primate Research Center Dr. Sri Suci Utami Atmoko
Assessment Center for Political and Community Development Dr. Diana Fawzia, M.A.
Biotechnology Research Center Dr. Retno Widowati, M.Si.
University and Academy Library  
Head Arie Gunawan, S.Kom., M.M.S.I.
Bureau of Academic Administration  
Head Dra. Sri Handayani, M.Si.
Bureau of Public Administration  
Head Drs. Ian Zulfikar, M.Si
Deputy Chairman Rakhmat Kurniady, S.E.
Bureau of Financial Administration  
Head Dr. Suharyono, M.Si
Deputy Chairman A.M. Bakri, S.E.
Bureau of Student Affair and Alumni Administration  
Head Kamaruddin Salim, S.Sos.,M.Si.
Deputy Head Mochdar Soleman, S.I.P.,M.Si.
Head of the Division of Career and Development Center Jesaya Pinem, SS., MM.
Bureau of Research and Community Dedicated Administration  
Head Ir. Tri Waluyo, M.Agr.
Head of Community Service Section Dr. Harini Nurcahya, M.Si.
Bureau of Human Resources Administration  
Head  Ir. Tri Waluyo, M.Agr.
Deputy Head Heru Dian Setiawan, S.T., M.Si
Bureau of Coorperation Administration  
Head  Dr. Irma Indrayani, M.Si.
Blended Learning Laboratory  
Head  Raden Muhammad Firzatullah, S.Pd., M.Kom.
Head Dr. Harun Umar., M.Si.
Secretary Imam Mawardi Sumarsono, A.K.S.