Add National University Professor

JAKARTA (UNAS) – National University confirmed two new professors, namely Prof. Dr. IskandarFitri, S.T., M.T and Prof. Dr. US Kausar, M.Si, in Ragunan, Saturday (11/2). The inauguration was done by the Council of Professors of the National University which was attended by professors from many other universities, both inside and outside the country.

This inauguration is an effort to encourage the development of the National University of human resources, especially the increase in academic education for professors. In the last 4-year period, there are 36 lecturers have continued his education at Strata S3. Additionally within the last 2 years of the National University also has managed to deliver three (3) professors from various Program, Prof. Dr. YuddyChrisnandi, M.E., in the field of politics which has been confirmed in 2015.

In 2016, the National University had given birth to two professors, namely Prof. Dr. IskandarFitri, S.T., M.T. in the field of Technology and Prof. Dr. US Kausar., M.Sc. in the field of Political confirmed Imu conjunction with the inauguration of UNAS Graduate Building Tower 1 and 2, in Ragunan, Saturday (11/2).

In his speech, Prof. IskandarFitri reveal his way to the title of Professor had planned since 10 years ago. His interest in the subject of Antennas and Propagation when S2 Master’s program in Electrical Engineering at the University of Indonesia, made the father of two children wanted to further pursue Microstrip Antenna design.

” I am very concerned to the depths because the basic concept in the design is a very broad scope and implementation in the development of telecommunications equipment based nirkawat (wireless communication systems) future, specifically for communication systems nirkawat (mobile), ” said Alexander recites Microstrip Antenna speech entitled: From Frequency Narrowband towards Broadband.

While Prof. Dr. US Kausar, M.Si read a speech entitled Managing Relationships with Local Government Central Government Effective and Efficient in Politics of Decentralization.

” The policy of decentralization that gave birth to regional autonomy in governance in Indonesia is the right choice, given the geographical condition of Indonesia’s vast and has the potential and characteristics of different. Differences in form of the state of the demographic (population) which is composed of various ethnic, social, culture, customs and language, religious, heterogeneous blend in the presence of citizens with socio-economic conditions, the rate of progress and the power of reason are different too, ” said Kausar.