Unas promote the stratification according to their lecturer’s rank

JAKARTA [UNAS] – National University  ( UNAS) encourages the faculties to increase stratification to the lecturer’s ranks in comprehend the performances and quality of the instruction. To support that’s problem human resources bureau in UNAS was responsible for development and improvement of quality as well as the ranks of the UNAS environment, by inviting Kopertis Region III Jakartain order  to explain the process of increasing the ranks of the lecturers.

The difficulty of the lecturer and assistant experts are not there, the lecturer and assistant experts are lacking for the spirit forward in the care of the value of academic lecturers. Human resources as a media agent between the lecturer and assistant experts only in administrative matters, “said Heru Setiawan Jian as a staff of  human resources bureau in UNAS.

He added, looking from this side the human resources bureau  held the  dissemination study ranks  for the lecturers academic background at  UNAS and UNAS academies the theme was “Reaching Achievement by Increasing the Performance”. The activity was held in hall room block 1 floor VI in UNAS, Monday (26/9).

This activity was attended by approximately 100 participants, including lecturers, assistant professor of the expert that part of the UNAS. Lecturer and assistant experts were attending the event about 60 people and who haven’t report their  rank as many as 20 people. The representative of the Kopertis area was offended by the ranks of performances that means an assistant expert can instantly be high position as an associate professor without being this position first if the expert assistant has a high amount of the credit performances.

Human resources UNAS expects that the lecturers and assistant experts who do not have or take care of the their stratification about their performances ranks can immediately apply for the disemination program. Because its can improve the number of lecturers certification received by Kopertis Region III in Jakarta by improving the quality of teaching at UNAS.