Digital Broadcasting Socialization

JAKARTA [UNAS] – Communication Student Association (HIMAKOM) Universitas Nasional (UNAS) held a journalism seminar with the theme ‘Digital Broadcasting Opens New World’ Thursday (8/12). This seminar invited the Chairman of Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID) Jakarta Adil Quarta Anggoro and Lecturer of Communication Studies, Universitas Nasional, Nursatyo.

“Broadcasting analog to digital broadcasting is a digital necessity that can not be denied, it is definitely and should occur due to resource efficiency and to reorganize the use of resources,” said Chairman KPID Jakarta, Adil Quarta.

Broadcasting in this case is the medium of television and radio analog should immediately switch to digital. Correspondingly, lecturer of Communication Studies, Universitas Nasional, Nursatyo explained that the whole world has begun digital broadcasting.

”International Telecommunication Union has required all over the world to switch to digital gradually. Otherwise, ITU will not guarantee and protect broadcasting hijacked or abused later, ” he said.

Indonesia, he added, was given time until 2020 to switch to digital broadcasting.