P4M Seminar, Discuss Human rights and Religious Tolerance

Jakarta [UNAS] – Human Rights (HAM) is still an interesting topic for discussion. Many cases unresolved as is the case in 1965, after the reform of the 1998 riots, Jogjakarta chaos, the Tanjung Priok case and many others. To discuss about that, The Center for Research and Community Development (P4M) National University in cooperation with the Institute of Democracy (ISDEM) held a seminar titled ‘Human Rights Enforcement In Frame of Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution’, Wednesday (23/12).

This seminar and discussion invites TB Massa Djafar from National University and Nurul Zaman of ANSOR. Attended by approximately 100 students, this seminar was held in the seminar room first block third floor.

TB Massa Djafar said that when talking about human rights, we had almost no choice because human rights have become part of the order. “It has become Depresional Human Rights and continues to grow because we are a titled nation. We are more concentrated on Human Rights because it has been 350 years of colonized. Where human rights were oppressed for 350 years, ” he explained.

Seminars and discussions also discusses about the human rights of religious tolerance in Indonesia. As described TB Massa that Indonesia has a number of churches in the state that the majority religion is Muslim.

At the end of the event, the Head of P4M Diana Fawzia explained that the nature of human rights is growing. “Indonesia is derived from a Nation or entity that has different values ​​and human rights that we must explore. I want us proud to be Indonesian. We explore what we choose. Human rights can not be separated from human thing, ” she said.