Center for Assessment of Politics and Community Development UNAS Holds Seminar Results Political Research And Democracy Strengthening

JAKARTA (UNAS) – National Center for Community Research and Development (P4M) National University held a research seminar themed “Politics And Strengthening Democracy”. The event was opened by the chairman of P4M Unas Dr. Diana Fawzia, MA was held on Tuesday (21/2) at the seminar room on 3rd floor of National University. Seminar that begins by singing Indonesia Raya song then followed by prayer reading by Sahruddin, S.IP., MA., M.S.i.

In the seminar attended by the speakers consisting of faculty lecturer of Social and Political Science Faculty (FISIP) Unas consists of two sessions of the event. In the first session of this seminar moderated by Nursatyo, M.S.i with the theme “Strengthening Local Democracy”. Present as a reviewer at this session is Dr. TB. Massa Djafar, MSi as the Chairman of Post-Graduate of Political Science. In the second session of the seminar moderated by Daniel WisnuWardhana, MA with the theme “Indonesian Foreign Policy Policy” event which started at 10.00 s / d 13.00 was closed with a certificate and continued with a photo together by the speakers and participants who attended.

According to Diana Fawzia as chairman of P4M seminar result of this research is very useful for accreditation of both Institutions in general and Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Science in particular. Therefore, he urged the lecturers and practitioners to continuously improve the research results so that they can be published in national and international journals, “he concluded.