Commemorating National Trash Day, Faculty of Agriculture Invite Communities to Participate in Preserving the Environment.

JAKARTA (UNAS) – In commemoration of the National Day for Waste, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Nasional  participated in the Collecting Trash Movement (Gerakan Pungut Sampah) held by Jakarta Provincial Government Environment Agency. The activities which are focused on four elements, namely mangrove ecotourism area, protected forest areas, Arboretum area, and albatros mangrove forest area were attended by about 40 faculties and students of the Faculty of Agriculture UNAS on Tuesday (21/2).

The delegation arrived at the Faculty of Agriculture, mangrove ecotourism area at 11.00 pm. The Faculty of Agriculture entourage arrived in the mangrove ecotrourism are at 11:00 am and directly planted mangrove seedlings provided by the organizing committee. After that, they headed for the protected forest area AngkeKapuk to collect trash around the area for about 2 hours. The students were excited  and they worked togerther to collect the trash in the protected forest.

” We are participating in this activity as a form of environmental concern. I invite professors and students of the Faculty of Agriculture to get involved in these positive activities, to develop concern, all are invited to pick up and reduce trash, ” said Sukartono (Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture UNAS), on the occasion .

This event was attended by government agencies, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), community of environmentalists, the private sector and educational elements.