Students of Unas International Relation Held a Diplomacy Simulation

An Association of Unas International Relation Students ( HIMAHI) perform their an International Diplomacy with the  theme of  “ Managing Security Tension In the South China Sea”  Simulation of International Diplomacy is a step learning student of international relationships in response to international issues and understand the process of international diplomacy.

This diplomacy simulation activities has invited Wili Kurniawan as a representative of Directorate General of ASEAN Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Willi explains how the atmosphere and dinamics in International Diplomacy.In addition Wili informed that diplomacy is a guarding of The South China Sea issue. On this occasion, chairman of this activities said about an importance of international diplomacy simulation.

“ The aims of diplomacy simulation is to make students of international relation more understand about athmosphere and dynamics in international diplomacy.South china sea being issued by strategic annexation of natural wealth and economic trade. “ said Alya at Universitas Nasional, Friday (11/11).

Students of Unas International Relation became a delegate from eighteen countries that was participated in International Maritime Organizations such as arbiter in diplomacy. International Maritime Organization is an organization who hasn’t been participated in diplomacy country. Wili expects that students of international relation Unas who have been participated in this diplomacy simulation can better understand and have a direct experience about how to make a right diplomacy .