Hundreds of Student Learning Entrepreneurial

Jakarta [UNAS] – As the campus-oriented entrepreneurial spirit to develop and foster entrepreneurship in students, Universitas Nasional continues to hold a bazaar to train students. This semester, entrepreneurship bazar held on Desember, 29th – 31st 2015 in Universitas Nasional.

There’s been a huge growing number of participants, this semester. “If last year’s only about 200 students, this year there are approximately 500 students who attend the bazaar. Amounted to 51 groups of 12 entrepreneurial class, “said Farida, one of the lecturer of entrepreneurship and coordinators in the bazaar.

In addition to the implementation of the results of entrepreneurship lectures, this bazaar also contested to appreciate the best group. The 1st winner in this bazaar was won by a group that sells fried bread. “The food is light, but their creation more unique bread and tastes good too,” says Farida.

Aulia, students from the Faculty of Communication and Information (FTKI) which is one of the groups Fried Bread reveals the many benefits he gained from following the entrepreneurial bazaar. “I learned to cooperate and bring our ideas as a team. We can also get the experience of learning entrepreneurship. It turns out the creativity that is needed to make a product that is attractive and desirable,” said Aulia.