Optimistic Agriculture Enthusiasts Will Increase

JAKARTA (UNAS) – The agriculture teacher is optimistic the number of applicants to study this science will continue to grow in the future. Although the current number of students in higher education tends to fall or stable every year, in the next few years will be clearly visible improvement graph.

This happens because benerapa factors. The first factor is going to start in saturated areas of science and technology-oriented communication. “There will be a saturation point, for that instant-instant. In the end, the wheel will spin, “said Wagiman, Faculty of Food Technology, University of GadjahMada, which became one of the participants of the National Seminar on Agriculture held at the Faculty of Agriculture, Thursday (9/2).

The second factor is the fact that the food problem is of public priorities. “The issue of food is stomach problems. Everyone must eat. So, definitely needed his knowledge everywhere, “said Head of the Laboratory of Agricultural sciences, National University, EttyHestiathi, some time ago.

Besides, he added, agriculture has linkages with other sectors such as the economy, politics and social issues and the environment. This makes agriculture an important and should get the attention of various parties.

To encourage the interest of young generation like agriculture, Etty and the agricultural faculty to do various things, such as adjusting the curriculum to the challenges of the times. “We incorporate entrepreneurship in the curriculum, and add more courses to broaden and prepare graduates who are ready to compete in a global world,” he said.

The same thing also expressed by Widy Agustin, a lecturer at the Center for Development and Empowerment of Teachers and Education Personnel (P4TK) of the Ministry of Education and Culture. “The farm also must control the economy, should be selling and entrepreneurship. That’s what we teach here, “said Widy.

According to the declining interest of young people in agriculture because there is still a stigma that agriculture graduates identical to become a farmer whose life is hard and the lack of fighting spirit to strive and want things that are instant.

The impact, added Widy, many agricultural vocational schools are bankrupt or adapt in order to continue running the school. “Most of the cap, but there are also other fields such as opening or Network Engineering Catering, so there are students,” he said.

However, he added, in the last two years there is a trend the number of students began to show improvement. (* Mth / ris)

Caption: tauco manufacturing activities as a form of entrepreneurship in agriculture conducted by P4TK, Cianjur, Thursday (9/2).