ABANAS Korea Attracts Foreign Students

JAKARTA [UNAS] – Korean Studies Program of National Language Academy (ABANAS), attracts many foreign students to see the teaching and learning activities organized study program. Lots of foreign students from universities in Korea, wanted to know how the language of the country studied by other nations, especially Indonesia.

This time is Kaya University, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea who visited the students ABANAS Korea, Monday (21/12). A total of 16 students Kaya University conducted volunteer activities in Primary School in Sukabumi, West Java, and before returning to his homeland, they took time to visit Universitas Nasional.

“Their purpose comming to Unas is to see the condition of the learning environment ABA Korea because they are planning to perform volunteer activities here,” said Chairman of the Korean Studies Program, Fitri Meutia, SS, MA

ABA Korea itself would be visited by some Korean students from two universities in January 2016. Both the university is Catholic University of Dageu and Chung Ang University, Korea.