Greeting from the Rector Universitas Nasional

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Best Wishes for All of Us,

Along the rapid development of information and communication technology, requires adaptation in various aspects of life, including education, in this case the university. The utilization of information and communication technology constructively directed in an attempt to simplify, speed up and expand the range of communication, particularly in terms of teaching and learning.

From time to time, Universitas Nasional continues to adapt and update, confirming identity as Pioneer Transformation. We realized as the second oldest university in Indonesia, the quality is the key to remain competitive and gain the trust of the public. We continue to develop and move forward towards a dynamic change.

On the other hand, the beginning of 2016 is the right momentum for Universitas Nasional to deliver a website with a new face (new design). This is the fourth time, the web design changes since it introduced to the society. The new website design is more vibrant, innovative and interesting, also faster and easier to access information, and presented in two languages ​​/ bilingual (Indonesian and English).

Aside from being a form of answers to the challenges of globalization in the use of information technology, the new face of Universitas Nasional’s website is expected to further support the smooth process of learning and teaching at Universitas Nasional, as well as to improve the quality of better service.

We have a great expectation that the presence of the new face of Universitas Nasional’s website can provide benefits not only to the entire academic community of Universitas Nasional, but also for the bigger community, state and nation. Finally, we expect the prayers and support to Universitas Nasional to remain the best university and became the pride of the Indonesian community, state and nation.

Dr. El Amry Bermawi Putera, M.A.
Rector of Universitas Nasional